Casa Café Mindelo is a city touristic project in Mindelo, a town located in the bay of Porto Grande, one of the most beautiful bays in the world, on the island of São Vicente, Cape Verde.

The house is situated on the coast road, surrounded by the historical area. Its 21 windows are overlooking the quiet ocean and the pulse of the streets ornamented with acacia trees and the bustle of people. The scenery is composed by markets, cars, saleswomen, churches, art studios, game corners, barber shops, fresh fish, tropical fruit, travelers, taverns and sailors where the memories of a time of "Sancent sab" extend on clear days. When the sun sets on Monte Cara, the housefalls asleep with the murmurs of the waves and the bohemian nightlife resonates far away in a warm voice, "It is sweet to die in the sea ..."


At its present stage, the house is the result of remodeling works on a centenary building, prior to 1870 in which one sought to preserve the spirit of ancient times and of the family home. Its enlargement, opening it to the exterior, reflects its modern and exotic interiors creating a warm welcome to visitors. It is a meeting point for a multitude of frequent visitors who feel at home. Thanks to its affordable price policy, Casa Café Mindelo has managed to gather Cape Verdeans and foreigners, combine business and cultural activities, friends’ gatherings and rest, as well as getting acquainted with the local habits. With a touch of sophistication and functionality present in the foundations of this project, this house offers a unique atmosphere in Mindelo’s everyday life.

With its three floors, Casa Café Mindelo, provides its visitors a relaxed, familiar and cosy environment. The first and second floors feature seven comfortable, large bedrooms facing the bay and contemplating the movement of the boats. It also includes a terrace inspired by the Moroccan patios,  equipped with a barbecue and delicately swept by the warm sea wind.

The whole house has internet access as well as a bookshelf for exchanging books in several languages. Apart from the regular hotel services, Casa Mindelo stands out by offering a relaxing, tolerant and cohesive atmosphere with the Cape Verdean "morabeza".





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